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All of our parts are guaranteed for 1,000,000 miles or the front gate...Which ever comes first!

ALL ENGINES, TRANSMISSIONS AND DIFFERENTIALS ARE DELIVERED WITHOUT OIL. We will replace or repair the part or return the purchase price if part is defective and is returned to us within 30 days in the same condition as when purchased. Trucks and complete equipment are subject to a different warranty. Six months on all rebuilt units. We make no other promise, guarantee or warranty. We do not assume responsibility for damages or any loss caused from installation, removal, or use of merchandise, part or unit purchased. We will not pay any outside labor or parts charges, all repairs must be done at our facility. Warranty does not apply when the equipment has been abused, subject to overloading, subject to neglect, including lack of lubrication or improper lubricant. I have read this invoice and agree to the terms and conditions stated above. 20% Restocking fee may apply. In the event any legal action is commenced to enforce this contract, the parties hereby agree and consent that the law of the State of Arizona will apply and that said legal action will be brought in Maricopa County, Arizona, which shall be the exclusive jurisdiction and legal venue. The buyer agrees to pay any and all costs incurred by American Truck to enforce this contract, including its reasonable attorney's fees and costs.